EzRepairSoft is an inter mingling of technology and business process to create an

environment specifically tailored for repair and maintenance companies

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Why Use EzRepairSoft?

The customer is the center of gravity in every business, it is even more so in a environment where customer service is what makes or breaks a business engage in any kind of service. EzRepairSoft is meant for those businesses which are engaged in any kind of repair and maintenance business.

Zero IT infrastructure Cost

Application Server Provider (ASP) model, hence, virtually zero IT infrastructure cost.

Hassle and Trouble free

Users don’t have to worry about any of the work related to Client-Server Maintenance.

User Friendly

Put your company at the next level of productivity and profitability with user friendly application.

Business Benefits

Reducing Training Time

Using EzRepairSoft! less reliance on individual technicians to make decision. Repair Automation mean “Suggesting suitable repairs/parts automatically”, thereby reducing training time from estimate to repair and delivery back to customer.

Analyzing Data For Trends

If you are a sub-contractor to an OEM, raise your stature by providing data and trends on failures and types of failures.

Increasing Sales and Revenue

By selling your customer the access to EzRepairSoft and locking them into the repair process, you ensure longevity of the relationship and more referrals.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

With consistent service and repair process, gain your customer’s trust and loyalty. EzRepairSoft lets the customer have a view of your business related to their equipment you serve.

Improving Productivity

Virtually paperless environment helps speed the process, eliminating errors and omissions, thereby helping you increase your revenue and productivity

Bringing Business Partners in the Loop

No more faxes, calls and voicemail messages. Get all your salespeople, divisions, branches, customers and subcontractors in the loop through customized access for each kind of user.


Some of the Features are mentioned below:

Multi-level employee and staff security profiles

Three tiered access: Corporate, Salesman and Customer

Multi-division and multi-branch operations

3 segmented defect reporting: Category, Reason and Location

Alternate defect reporting through common defects

Suggesting suitable repairs automatically

Customizable checklist

User Defined Customizable Departments

Customers with bill to, ship to and approval addresses

Contract(s) between customer and company

Serialized and un-serialized products for repair

Barcode search of parts, equipment and work Order(s)

Work orders, historical and current

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